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nullNude API

Our product is a cost-effective web service built to understand visual media using state-of-the-art image classification algorithms. Using the API, you can automatically moderate thousands of photos and remove unwanted content from your services to protect your brand.

Unique Vision Technology

Machine vision is the ability of a computer to “see” and understand. Based on the idea to duplicate the human vision ability, a computer vision system uses it’s electronic parts and advanced algorithms instead of eyes and a brain. Our technology stack and classification algorithms are all custom-built and unique. They rely on the latest developments in image vision, deep learning, classification and object recognition. What we do is detect, track and understand the surrounding world captured by image sensors.

State-of-the-Art Performance

Experiments on large-scale image classification and object detection tasks demonstrate that our method is very accurate at detecting nude content in any provided image. Nude content scales a large quantity of unconstrained poses, scenes, behaviours that most other categories do not have, which demands viewpoint-aware analyses and algorithms. We extend and fine tune our training sets every month to provide even better results.

Abstract understanding

We managed to make computers ‘learn’ a pattern from large datasets and do statistical predictions based on them. The key idea behind this is to build a structure that can learn fine-grained features to distinguish a subset of classes, by learning features only among these classes. Such features are expected to be more discriminative, compared to features learned for all the classes. We developed an algorithm to effectively learn the tree structure among a large number of classes.

Save time & money

Say goodbye to a mundane and costly moderation. Accept or reject photos in real time with an effortless integration on your side. You pay as you go, and you only pay for what you use.

Thanks to our API a lot of the mundane and costly moderation tasks can be avoided. Easily moderate the images that get uploaded to your services, do it automatically with a minimum effort in regard to implementation from your side. All of this in an affordable price!

Effortless integration

Integrate nullNude into your services in few easy steps

nullNude ready libraries

php-nullnude php-nullnude

The simplest call

curl -X GET ''
For more information visit the documentation

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